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Trap Bar Deadlifts For A Happier Back

Some of you may have seen this odd shaped bar hanging around at your gym. This baby is called a trap bar (or hex bar) and is one of my favorite tools of the trade. If you have reoccuring lower back pain, you will especially benefit from using a trap bar while doing deadlifts and squats.

When deadlifting with a traditional straight barbell, the load is placed in front of your body and further away from the axis of rotation of the movement (hips). This causes increased sheer forces on your lower boack which may make those vertebrae and surrounding muscles unhappy. When deadlifting with a trap bar, you step both feet into the bar (equidistant from the front and back) and the load becomes closer to the axis of rotation and VOILA, much less stress on the low back!

This bar may look intimidating to some, but achieving proper deadlift form is actually easier when using a trap bar (especially if you are a beginner). Don't be afraid to try it out!

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